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Alabama Charter
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Alabama's Gulf Coast ... We're Your Year-Round Fishing Destination!

Charter Trip Passenger Suggestions & Etiquette
  1. Dress for comfort. Bring sunscreen, a camera, sunglasses and wear soft light colored sole shoes.
  2. Avoid rich food and excessive alcohol the night before. Eat a light breakfast and if taking motion sickness medication please follow directions.
  3. Bring an ample supply of eats and drinks. It is customary to bring eats and drinks for your captain and crew.
  4. Please respect the boat and equipment. Your captain and crew have a lot of pride in their vessels and equipment can be costly to you if damaged or lost overboard.
  5. Deckhands work hard for you and have pride in your catch. Their day starts several hours before your trip and extends hours after you are gone. We recommend a 15% tip over and above a fish cleaning fee.
  6. Make sure you choose a trip that suits you. Our fleet offers 4 hour trips all the way up to 3 day trips. Your Captain can assist you in choosing the appropriate trip to meet your needs.
  7. Always inquire about payment method, cancellation and bad weather policies.

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